Friday, July 23, 2010

Next Stop Charlottesville

On July 8th we were driving home from one of our hospital appointments in Charlottesville, VA (about 1.5 hours from where we are currently staying) and we were trying to figure out the details of having a baby that far away. We were trying to figure out when we would go to C-ville. We were trying to figure out where we would stay during the likely surgery. We were trying to figure out where we would stay during the recovery time. We were trying to figure out how we would make sure Haley and Darcy would be able to be with us as much as possible and how Annie would be able to recover from having a baby while still waiting for the baby to come home from the hospital and staying in temporary situations in the meantime.
As we were driving home, it was sort of clear that we had no real satisfactory game plan. We were on the waiting list at a few places provided for people in situations like ours. We knew that we could always stay in a hotel if we needed to, but there are pluses and minuses to hotel livin'. As we drove home I voiced a prayer to God, asking for Him to provide a situation that would keep our family together and make the upcoming experience a little less stressful.
Now this doesn't happen every time I ask for something, but when we got home I opened my e-mail to find an offer for a place to stay from July 29-August 29th about thirteen miles from the hospital. Thanks to Crozet Baptist Church, figuring out this next month just got a little easier. So on July 29th, we will go to a doctor's appointment at UVA and then settle in for the month there in Crozet and wait.


VeronĂ­ka said...

Wonderful news. Wonderful God.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful to hear!!!