Friday, July 2, 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Things about Living at the Jessup Lake House

10.  Having two bathrooms (Oh, the things you take for granted...)
9.  A King-sized bed (How can we ever go back to a double again?)
8.  A themed kitchen (Haley said the other day, "Wow, they must really like apples)
7.   Listening to the rain fall on the sky lights
6.  A bathtub (I don't think they believe in bathtubs in Europe)
5.  A big yard and a long driveway for the kids to ride their bikes on (My new favorite words to say:  "Kids, go OUTSIDE and play!)
4.  A tape player/cd player/ radio (Seriously.  I have wanted a boombox for so long)
3.  Having our own private beach (Well, kind of private...)
2.  Spending mornings on the porch listening to the birds and praying before the kids wake up
1.  Having the Cliftons as neighbors (We even have walkie-talkies!)


beckers said...

interesting you say that about the tub (#6) in wales, the shower was actually just an attached hose onto a tub in one of the bathrooms...there was, however a stand up shower in the other...but it was the first time i had ever seen the tub/shower combo like that...

Rebekah said...

it sounds absolutely wonderful!!!! I'm so happy that you've found a place that you can relax in before that sweet baby girl comes!

Anonymous said...

I could not live without a bathtub!!! ;) / Johanna in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Its sounds SOOOOOO amazing Annie!!!! Its the little things in life that you take for granted that you miss and love so much. Enjoy it while you can. Its great you are noticing the little things. Those things make life great. And in Europe - its all showers??? EEK! I enjoy baths too much. love you girlie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
You have been on my mind a lot and so... thank goodness you have a blog. I cannot help but smile from the heart about your child-like happiness about returning home. I just got back from spending two weeks in California and could completely identify with every single thought, surprise, fascination and grocery shopping experience you wrote of. I especially identified with the pleasure of feeling apart of something by way of social interaction...absolultely priceless. I also really loved the blog on your father. I'd love to meet him. Well, I just wanted to let you know that you are constantly in my prayers and I miss our grand times of good food and great conversation. Little baby girl has a lot to look forward to come August. How much more blessed can she be with parents like you and Colby? I miss you and love you. Tell the girls Soley says "hi."
Gabriele...can you send me yor email address?