Sunday, August 3, 2008

Almost there...

We are so close to having the house empty and ready for our renters tomorrow.  I cannot believe how much work it is to move...and we only did a pseudo-move.  Funny story:  Okay, so apparently when you move you're supposed to ask your kids what things are special to them and let them decide what things to keep.  However, when you ask Haley and Darcy what things they want to keep, they say EVERYTHING.  Even if it is something they have not played with once.  So, my system has been to watch what things they play with the most and pack those things with us.  Everything else needs to get out of the house (in 12 hours, mind you!) So, on Saturday morning, we were all upstairs while the carpet was getting steam-cleaned downstairs by a professional. Haley was looking out the window and spotted her princess lunch pail in the trash can (Sorry, Jennie...).  "Mommy, what is my lunch pail doing in the trash?...Do you KNOW that my lunch pail is in the trash?"  I mumbled an excuse and made a note to myself to get it before the garbage men came.  We got distracted with other things and soon time had gotten away from me and the lunch pail had slipped my mind.  Next thing I knew, the garbage truck was beeping and Haley was standing at the window, screaming in horror.    I stood, frozen in shock for a moment as I watched the man carry the can to the truck.  Oh dear God, have mercy.  I then reacted by sprinting down the stairs, hurdling over the steam-cleaner man, throwing open the door, and yelling,"stop!"  The guys looked at me confused as I ran over and explained to them that my three-year-old was balling at the window because of what they had just thrown away.  We all picked through the huge truck until the princess pail emerged.   It was at that moment that I looked up and saw Colby, Haley, and Darcy all in the window watching everything, with Colby looking completely disgusted and confused.  I had never felt more like Helen Haley in my whole life.  It took Haley a long time to stop crying and finally realize her beloved pail was salvaged.  When she finally dried her tears, she looked inside of it and said, "Oh, I thought Belle was in there....but she's not....she's right here on my shelf."  You've got to be kidding me...princess pail anyone?


The Wires in Virginia said...

I completely had a picture of you flying through the house in my mind. You're the best mommy ever!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. We're praying for a smooth transition for the rest of your move and preparation.

Now, did you find Belle? Ha ha :)

Paige said...

This blog was SO FUNNY! It was so good running into you guys on sunday! I was so exited to see you! I didn't realize until then how much I had missed you guys! Your girls are so beautiful...Good luck in everything you guys are doing! I know you guys will be a blessing in peoples lives in iceland! I hope that when you come back I will be able to see you all again! I came right home and told my parents I had seen you guys in the store! They were so exited to hear what you guys had been up to!


Annie Garman said...

Belle was safe in Haley's closet the entire time.
Praying for you guys!!!