Saturday, August 2, 2008


We took a little break from packing for the move to play a little bit of 3-0n-3 Basketball at Stafford Baptist Tonight. It was all part of the 3-on-3 and Grudge Match extravaganza. A few highlights are in order:

The Fashion Show: There was some great looks out there on the court. The three amigos win for the most forethought. Bobby-O deserves recognition for wearing the outfit I wish I could pull off and still look cool like him. The Long Shots pink numbered and named jerseys complete with side fringes were definitely fabulous, but the award for most guts and glory goes to Ben Cartwright. He looked so hideous I wanted to cringe, but for some reason you just couldn't stop looking at him. The semi-pro super small shorts and jersey has never been done so well. Congratulations Ben.

The Grudge Matches: I still am not sure who won the game of pig between Clint and Phillip and I definitely enjoyed watching Kevin slice and dice Bobby-O. Of course Pastor Bill and I enjoyed a nice leisurely game of one-on-one, but my favorite part is always the trash talk before the big game. I was sure to let Cindy Jessup know that when I got finished with Pastor Bill she would probably need to buy him a Harley to boost him back up.

The Runaway Champs: M2 Power dominated the tournament and destroyed our team in the process. It was all fun and games until we got beat and then it was just games. I was reflecting on it during my short drive home. With all of the trash talking going around Stafford, Pillar, Q-town, Lakeside and the like, it was ironic that some guests just joining us for the evening kicked all of our butts. Very nice lesson. Needless to say I enjoyed playing on my team The Prison something or other. Josh Burke and Kevin Dowker were great teamates and we all had a lot of fun.

The Organizer: Kevin Dowker threw out the idea of a 3-on-3 Basketball tournament several months ago and I must say I was not sure how it would go over. Now we know, it was smashing. Kevin did a great job with organization and promotion and the Indo Missions team benefitted to the tune of $1000 or something like that.

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Josh and Jadey said...

It was quite the event.. Josh and I talked the whole way home of how fun it was. It was a decent turn out as well. Good times were had, and good effort was shown by all who played.