Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yes, Thank you for your prayers for Darcy. She made it through the week unscathed. I guess I should have asked for prayers for Haley as well because Thursday night we were up most of the night with her as she vomited continuously . But, we made it through and now it's the weekend and we're all caught up on sleep. I don't like to write really long posts because I think it gets boring, so maybe I'll write a few short ones that highlight the week.


Anonymous said...

hey, out of curiosity, did you guys get the email i sent you about the 30th? let me know! :)

Annie Garman said...

yes! what time do you guys have to leave to go back home that day? let us know so we can work out a schedule for that day!
p.s. that's our anniversary weekend :)

beckers said...

oh snap love you annie, you crack me up all the time! poor haley!