Saturday, August 16, 2008

"So, what have you guys been doing there?"

*Last week, after some orientation sessions, they sent us all out for three hours on a personal retreat. We were not allowed to talk to anyone, but to just enjoy some solitude and extra time to pray and spend with God. I sat under a tree by a lake and asked God to write it in the sky if we were still supposed to go to Iceland (I thought I was Colby's previous blog if you're confused). Three hours later, I had received no secret message, but came to the conclusion that the Bible gives enough commands to go and preach the gospel and therefore had no excuse. I came to the point of realization that God being worshiped in Iceland was more valuable than my comfort or convenience and committed afresh to going. An hour later, we took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I was in absolute shock...(You have no idea...I had been taking pre-natal vitamins, I got special permission from the cafeteria to take food out...I'm embarrassed to keep going...) Colby will never let me live this one down (He had to hear me say all week, "You have NO CLUE what this is like!!") All I have to say is...that was the worst PMS in history.

*We are required to make 4-5 goals for our time here at FPO (Field Personnel Orientation) and strategies of how we will meet our goals (specific, measurable, attainable goals, that is). It has been a great exercise for us. We both are taking steps to strengthen our prayer life, learn to be responsive to each other's needs, and become aware of how culture shock will affect our kids. Another personal goal of mine is to recruit 20 people to pray for our family for 10 minutes each week. I know that sounds piddly, but I think people will be more likely to pray purposefully and specifically if we ask for that instead of casually and generally. If you would be willing to be a prayer warrior for us, please email me and let me know ( I will blog every week to let you know what things we need specific prayer about.

*The main topic that was covered this week was spiritual warfare. Neither Colby or I felt like we had ever been thoroughly taught on this subject, so it was a very enlightening week. We both became aware of ways that satan has really deceived us and the lies that we have consumed about each other. Satan really does seek to hinder God's work through us and our eyes are starting to open to this reality.

Okay, this is getting long. The End.


beckers said...

annie, go read the comment i just left on colby's post.
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I want to know more......