Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Haley Jane is 6. It's happening...everyone says it, but now we're experiencing it. Colby and I were both emotional as we recounted how quickly the years have flown and how unbelievable it is that our baby is a first grader. To celebrate the big day, we went to church and brought back eight girls with us. Haley had made out an itinerary that we executed quite well...right down to the princess pinata. After a princess lunch, princess pedicures, pin the jewel on the crown, a princess treasure hunt, and a princess cake we were ready for presents. In this picture, Haley is opening the Jasmine Barbie she had been asking for all year long (that I found at a yard sale for $1.50). Score.


Anonymous said...

WOW - She is getting so big!! She is so beautiful Colby and Annie! With Annie as her mother - how could she not be gorgeous!!!!???? Sorry Colby! HA HA!

Her birthday party sounds heavenly. My nieces want ballerina parties this year. They turn 7 and 6. WOW!!!

I love the princess itinerary. Awesome.

I love the doll you got her too. Is that her favorite princess out of all the Disney princesses?

Kristin Jonsson said...

Happy Birthday Haley! I love reading about everything you are doing! Greetings from Iceland!