Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Colby can't just enjoy something himself. If he finds something he really likes, he wants EVERYONE he knows to experience the bliss as well. Last year he read a thought-provoking book and purchased copies for thirty people. You probably were one of them! The latest joy has been his Nike Plus running watch. For months he told me that I needed to get one.
I refused. Haley's princess watch that I bought her for Christmas two years ago will suffice.
He BEGGED me to let him buy me one. I told him that if he bought me one....I would return it.
Last month he bought me my own Nike Plus watch and hid the receipt.

I love it.

I know, I me a laggard on the innovation bell curve, but I am not quick to try new things. I need a Colby in my life to force me into putting off the old and trying the new. If you don't have a Nike Plus watch, you should. I'm not going to buy one for everyone, but just take my advice. Because I know my pace and how far I'm running now, I can set goals and work my way up. I'm already at 5 miles and am training for a 10K next week.

In this picture, Colby is showing his Dad some of the exercises we've been doing with Jillian Michaels and her new SHRED workout. I gained a lot of weight with this last pregnancy and Jillian has been whipping me back into shape. Not only have we done the workouts, but we have really gotten into watching THE BIGGEST LOSER on Addicted actually. It has actually motivated me seeing how 400+ pound people can lose weight. If they can, I can too, right?


Anonymous said...

This is a funny blog. And as to you losing weight - Good job. I don't think you need it - but good job.

BG said...

When you say "Loser", are you refering to Colby's pose in the picture?

The Gereckes said...

Love keeping up with you guys. We are also addicted to the Biggest Loser. Here in Portugal, they buy rights to t.v. shows and then air them ALL. It comes on every night...and in the past few months...we've seen season 4,5, and we're watching 6 now. We'll be caught up to the current season soon, but it is my current addiction...I record it every day...I LOVE it.