Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Grandparents!

Nonny and Poppy drove their new car "Desmond" over 1,000 miles to come see us (Grandkids have a way of making you do absurd things). The weekend included bike rides with my Dad on Rt. 234, a trip to Old Mine Ranch to ride horses and feed animals, eating out, going to the 3rd annual Pelt Catanament, and listening to Gracie coo. The highlight of their trip was when Colby and I discovered a green sticker my mother had put on the back of her cell phone. It read "PLEASE...IF YOU FIND THIS PHONE, PLEASE CALL ME AT (###) ###-####." Colby and I looked at it, looked at each other and said, "Isn't this YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER that you're asking them to CALL?" True Story. We love you Nonny! Don't lose your cell'll never get it back!

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Anonymous said...

I laughed first SOOOOO hard at this blog...."Desmond" is their car? What were all the names of their cars over the years?? I remember being at Faith and your mom was taking us through the front parking lot of faith to Hintgen's playground and she had parked her car in the parking lot at Faith - and she hit/tapped it on the way and said "Hello (insert name here)". I can't remember the names now. I also remember coming to your house and then we would go into the garage when we were going somewhere and your mom or dad or you or Andrew would say the names of the cars. Too cute. Totally something I would do now. I love the green sticker story!! So funny. I miss your parents. I love the picture too.