Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reformation Day

We like to celebrate Reformation Day by getting free candy. Some of Haley's friends at church must have explained proper Halloween etiquette to them, because they came up to me Sunday after church saying, "Wow! All you have to do in America is knock on the door and say 'Trick or Treat'! That is SO EASY!" Last year in Iceland, the kids had to go up to complete strangers and sing a song for them in order to earn candy (Darcy made up a rap and that seemed to pass.) This year was easier and we racked in a lot of chocolate to make up for the black licorice and other foreign candy from last year.

P.S. Haley's Mulan costume: $1.00.  Gotta love Northern Virginia yard sales!

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Anonymous said...

You cannot beat garage sale"ing"! We still do it as a family. Always have. Great deals! Kids grow so fast too. Love the costumes. Why is it called "Reformation Day" - Do you not consider it Halloween? Or is Reformation Day something they said over in Iceland. You may have to message me on facebook about this one. Just curious. Or email me. Whatever. That is funny that Darcy made up a rap in Norway last year. Too cute.