Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you ever...

Do you ever lay on the ground and look up at the pale, white moon in the afternoon sky and think about how you are sitting on a speck of cosmic dust suspended in space at the mercy of its Creator?

Just wondering...

Do you ever sit on the driveway with your four-year old after breakfast and talk about the miracle of skin cell reproduction?

Do you ever hide your to-do list for a day so you can spend more time looking at your husband in the eyes and being there to listen when he decides to talk?

Do you ever sit at a lake with waves lapping and sea gulls laughing and listen to nothing but your thoughts?

Do you ever paint ceramic tea cups with your six year old and have as much fun as she is blending the colors?

Do you ever sit down and do nothing else except watch your children play as the autumn shadows dance on the wall?

Do you ever look at your baby and marvel at how she used to be the size of a poppy seed?

Do you ever look at everyone around you and marvel at how they used to be the size of a poppy seed?

Do you ever look AT YOURSELF and marvel at how YOU used to be the size of a poppy seed?

Do you ever look deeply at your reflection and ponder how one day God will draw your last breathe and you will cease to exist on this earth?

Do you ever put down the broom and have a tickle party in the middle of the day because the dirty floors will always be there...but your kids will not.

Do you ever say no to something so that your family can take a walk together in the last rays of the day?

Do you ever watch the sunset and linger as long as the colors?

Don't book your weekends.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Annie! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and ponder. Mary Sell

Amber said...

i loved those, Annie. thanks for that.

B.A. said...

Lovely and true. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and remember what matters.

Ferdz said...

question are being ask for a reason its how we manifest those..