Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have heard many mothers describe their little boys as being "all boy."I know Darcy is physiologically a girl...but she is ALL BOY. Not only does she love the mud and dirt (unlike her "first born" sister)...This kid is just tough. Take this evening for example. Colby watched the girls so I could go for a long run before dinner. She apparently landed face-first on the coffee table from a standing position on the couch. Colby admitted to me that he was brought to tears as he cleaned up the bloody mess and tried to see if anything was broken. However, 10 minutes later she was trompin' around the house, back to her old self. Thirty minutes later I was getting ready for church and noticed something in her mouth. Now, it always makes my heart pound when I see Darcy's mouth full of something. I have found everything from play-dough to unmentionables stuffed in those cheeks. "Darcy...what do you have in your mouth?" I asked the fearful question. She looked up at me, pulled out a PIECE OF GLASS, and smiled a bloody smile. "Oh, Dear God have mercy......."
I can't get over her. Yesterday I found a piece of black rubber in her mouth after the long drive to drop Nonny off at the airport. I couldn't figure it out until I saw a hole in the toe of her shoe tonight! One more thing...tonight at church she found some candy on the floor
and proudly said "pah-bah poo." It's your homework to decode that one!

p.s. Colby just reminded me of the time we found her dipping our loofah sponge into the toilet (THAT HALEY HAD NOT FLUSHED!!!!!!) AND SUCKING IT!!! Colby is trying to stop me from sending this because he says this is TOO much!!!


Dagný said...

I must say ... Darcy is a hilarious kid!!
If you guys end up coming to Iceland...I think she'll be fine in the playgrounds! haha Where eating sand is a favorite past time for some kids hehe
But I love your blog... always fun to read! :)

Cindynlow said...

With all the bloody references (bloody mess, bloody smile) one might think you're British. Too bad it is literal! God have mercy, indeed.

I'm curious as to where the broken glass came from...did it have anything to do with the coffee table from earlier or is that totally separate?

As for decoding "pah-bah poo" - my guess is that it was inspired by the new Penguin candy dispenser.

Pelt Family said...

The Penguin Pooper strikes again. Where can I find one of those magical toys?

Annie Garman said...

A frame broke in Haley's room earlier and apparently I didn't get it all....err...good job decoding...It took colby 2 hours to finally get it.

Meeko and Joy said...


oh my goodness gracious annie! this made me laugh/cringe at the same time.

-Marisa n cold Iceland

MelissaSnider said...

Can I have darcy for a while?? There is no way I could ever compete with cuteness with my kids! Er. {your beating me!} If anyone could live at 509 and make the best of it, it would be you! {who cares? it's so cheap!}

beckers said...

haha darcy cracks me up!!!!!!!

Annie Garman said...

Wow, we have comments from Reykjavik, Iceland to Nashville to N. Virginia. I need to do "spotlights" on the blog and introduce you all to each other.

David Fauth said...

And Southern Virginia (Lake of the Woods)

Annie Garman said...

good call, Dave