Monday, February 18, 2008

Ode to my husband

This post goes out to the love of my life, Colby John. Colby wins Super Dad/Husband of the Year Award for his amazing ability to juggle child-care duties while working from home, grocery shopping, cooking, kitchen clean-up, vacuuming, changing the sheets, and late-night drives to CVS for NyQuil. He even offered to wash my hair for me because I was too weak. (I'll let his comment, "Wow...whatever weight you've lost this week being sick you've gained in hair grease" slide). He was even willing to sacrifice his much-anticipated trip to Georgia with the boys to stay home and help me. If you're reading this, Colby, I am now 100% recovered and I hope you are having a much-deserved, amazing get-away! We love you, appreciate you, miss you, and can't wait to talk to you since its been nearly 9 days since we've had an actual conversation. I even washed my hair today. :)


MelissaSnider said...

You do have a good husband. Gimme a C, gimme an O, gimme an L, gimme a B, gime a Y. Whats that spell?

Helen Haley said...

you are the best son in Law. practicing my 'comments" thanks for the smoothie.

Nancy Fauth said...

Praise God for encouraging and uplifting wives in a world of husband-bashing ones. Good for you, Annie, and Colby, what a godly example for all men.