Monday, February 25, 2008

Ristorante Renato: The Review

I have decided to enter the world of dining reviews. I thought of it today when I was eating and remembered how much I love food. I also am convinced that I am blessed with a discerning pallet and should offer my services to those who are not as gifted. Lastly I want to be a cheerleader for the best dining in the Wood-Staff-Fred area. Perhaps I will develop categories and recommendations, but right now I want your help with a rating system, something other than stars.

Today Annie and I ate lunch with the Jessups (their treat, Thanks Guys). With my mother-in-law visiting Pastor Bill saw the opportunity for a daytime blessing of lunch with our wives and no kids. As is customary he chooses the best restaurants and we ended up at Ristorante Renato. I was immediately struck with the attention to detail from the waiter. As we were being seated he did a number of things to our place settings that I did not understand but seemed very important. Even arranging the plate so that I could see the picture. I wasn't sure what was happening, but it sure was fine attention to detail. As I often do in Italian Eateries I ordered the Chicken Parmagian to compare with some other recent experiences. My new Chicken Parm rankings are as follows.
1. Rebekah Kimbrough's Recipe
2. Annie Garman's Recipe
3. Ristorante Renato
The meal was kindly served in an atmoshphere that was a bit dark for midday and all the food was good. I do not want you to misunderstand the third place rating. This is a good Chicken Parm. It comes in ahead of Carraba's, Vinny's, PrimaVera, and many other good showings. I recommend this restaurant as a nice dining experience in the nicest of downtowns. Even more so I recommend the company.


David Fauth said...


How about a rating system like:

a. Clint Clifton would eat here.
b. Bobby O would eat here.
c. Bill Jessup would eat here.

You could always add other people with refined tastes to create a finer level of recommendations.

Colby Garman said...

great idea, Dave!!! Are you indicating that Bobby O has a more refined taste than Clint?

David Fauth said...

I needed a level between Clint and PB. Bobby O came to mind.

I'm not sure Clint has any refined taste.