Friday, February 22, 2008

RV Roadtrip

This was my home from Sunday Night 'til 4:00am on Wednesday. Six guys, four beds, no hot water. I flew to Atlanta to join Clint, Keilan, Jamie, Jonathan, and Dwayne who had left Stafford on Saturday. All of them are involved in new church starts and we were headed to the Evolve church planting leadership conference. I thought I would offer ten memorable moments in no order of rank or importance.

1. Airline Disaster. Not only was our flight late taking off and arriving, when we finally landed at 10:20pm the baggage for our flight was nowhere to be seen. At 12:15 Jonathan finally came into the airport and we gave up and went to Wal-mart to buy supplies and park for the night. (In the morning my bag was retrieved in less than five minutes)

2. The Land of a Thousand Hills coffee served at the conference at no charge flowing freely like milk and honey in the promised land was splendid.

3. No showers for anyone from Sunday Night on.

4. Keilan and I woke up to breakfast in bed on Tuesday thanks to Jamie and his George Foreman grill- Pancakes and Sausage!

5. My maiden voyage at Sonny's Barbecue. There is only one remedy for the sorrow that accompanies the drive home- a large plate of meat shared by the brotherhood.

6. Jammin' to the Old Hymns on the way home (Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Livin' on a Prayer, Hey Jude, amongst a host of other favorites from a by-gone era).

7. Steven Furtick's message and the hour long heart-to-heart to follow in the RV. If you could have seen a video of it without hearing the audio we would have looked like six guys on the Okra Winfrey Show.

8. 100 wings at Beef O'Brady's

9. Bourne Ultimatum

10 Spending 90 minutes trying to find the cars in Richmond during the early hours of Wednesday morning. There were five guys and none of them could remember where they met to leave.


Dan said...

Hey Colby,

Great to see you in cyber-space!

Dan Keaton

ps. I heard Furtick's message was amazing.

Tia Oshields said...

It seems you had such a great time during your RV trip! There's nothing better than spending quality time with the family while traveling along the dusty roads of the countryside. And I love waking up to the smell of pancakes and sausages in the morning! The aroma just gets me revved up and ready to face the day! It would be great if you could post pictures of the trip! Cheers!