Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Good Word

So, Colby is reading a Puritan Paperback's reading list this year (only my husband...). The other day he read a quote to me out of The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. I have been chewing on it for quite some time now and thought it was blog-worthy.
The devil and his instruments would soon devour the servants of God...if He did not cover them with the golden feathers of His protection (Psalms 91:4). God's watchful eye is always on his people, and the enemies shall not do the mischief they intend; they shall not be destroyers, but physicians.
How encouraging...the things that the enemy has meant to harm us with, God will turn around and use for our good and His glory! I am very visual, so this stimulates a beautiful picture in my mind. I picture an enemy stabbing me with a knife in order to destroy me, but God using that very same knife, not to kill me, but to scrape out any cancerous cells that may be in me and heal me. This makes the verse, "If God is for us, who can be against us" even more meaningful. Whatever bruising or piercing may come your way today, know that God has allowed it into your life in order to heal you.


beckers said...

i love your illustration annie!

David Fauth said...

You mean God doesn't want "My best life now" and if I only pray the prayer of Jabez, all things will work out well.

Seriously, there is great depth and knowledge in the "famous old dead guys" aka Puritan writers. And I am reading that book as well independently of Colby.

Nancy Fauth said...

Hey, Colby is not the only one reading Puritan paperbacks! I have been reading them for years on the recommendation of my last pastor. One of the first books Michelle Graf read was a puritan book and she got it! They are not easy reads either. Good for you Colby, and Annie for chewing on it.