Thursday, February 21, 2008

Helen Haley: Raw and Uncensored

WHO ELSE gives the "The Amazing Walking Penguin Pooper Candy Dispenser" as a gift to their grandkids? This penguin actually winds up, waddles, and poops out CANDY...They love it. All night long Darcy has been asking if she can eat some more poop... THERE'S ONLY ONE NONNY.


Nancy Fauth said...

I tell you what, I think that Uncle Jonny would consider a gift like that. I for one, think it is hysterical. Have fun and praise God it is not real.

The Clifton Family said...

The Clifton children got this exact gift from their Nan & Papa the bus for Christmas AND a pooping moose!

Cindynlow said...

Benjamin says that Nonny looks like she is just 24.