Monday, November 3, 2008

At the Restaurant: Part 2

I sat down to do some Icelandic self-study today through the online program Colby got us called "Before You Know It."  Here were the flash cards I studied:
sviðin-  singed sheep heads
hakarlinn-  rotten shark
hrutspungarnir-  ram's testicles (kept in sour milk)
skatan-  fermented skate
sviðasultan-  sheep head jelly

My new life is going to be so weird.  


Anonymous said...

wow. dying laughing.
praying for your studies :)

MelissaSnider said...

{I don't understand..??} What about "where is the bathroom" or " do you know Jesus?" What the heck... your note today and cards. Thanks and I will surely hand them out.
Skype tomorrow?

The Wires in Virginia said...

It sounds like an episode of that show Fear Factor. :)
Miss you guys!

Davíð Örn said...

ha ha ha :)

One of todays' headlines in the news was that we may have a shortage of rotten shark next Jan./Feb. in Iceland. I have no clue why, so maybe you will not be tempted as not by the shark aroma here in Iceland as you would in a normal year ;)