Thursday, November 13, 2008

Misunderstanding Job

Disclaimer: I am going to critique a song below. I in no way think that the artist's intention was to write a song that misrepresented the truth.. The song is simply an example of what happens when we do not pay attention to genre in our reading of the book of Job.

Song: Waters Gone By
Album: Glory Revealed
Artist: Hyperstatic Union, Shawn Lewis

If you put away the sin in your hand
And allow no evil to dwell
If you devote your heart
And stretch out your hands to Him

You will lift up your face without shame
You will firmly stand with no fear inside
You will surely forget your troubles and pain
Recalling them only as waters gone by

The song comes almost word-for-word from Job 11:13-20, which is in keeping with the goal of the album, to use the word of God in musical worship. But what is the context of the passage in which the words find their meaning? The lyrics are a part of the accusations and advice of one of Job's friends. He is in essence telling Job that he has obviously sinned in some way against God that has brought on the horrible suffering Job has faced. His advice is - if Job would put away the sin and allow no evil to dwell, then he will have no reason to fear and the memory of this time will be like water under the bridge. Unfortunately, the friend is dead wrong in his assessment. Once you know that bit of info, it is hard to rejoice much in the message of this song, even if it sounds like it is good.

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