Sunday, November 16, 2008


Since we are still in PA with nothing to do but wait, we decided to fly my parents over with our free USAirways reward tickets.  Haley and Darcy had no idea they were coming until the doorbell rang and Helen busted through with her typical, fun, loud kids songs.  Poor Darcy; she was so confused.  Still trying to process what had just happened, she asked, "Are we in Wisconsin?" --as if that is the only place that Nonny and Poppy can exist.  
This whole visit was a huge blessing since we thought we had already said the big goodbye in June.  But, like the song I have been singing for the past 2 months, "This is the good-bye that never just goes on and on my friends...
Regardless, the visit was wonderful and full of fun times at the LanCaster market, the Hershey Chocolate World, and other local attractions.  The last time we had been to Chocolate World was with the Pelts in 2005 after Jackson was born.  I celebrated the nostalgic moment by wearing the same outfit.   

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