Saturday, November 1, 2008

Q and A Ecclesiastes

In the Comments for the last post I answered the basic question below. I wanted to include the answer on the main page so here it is.

Q. "Are we to see the blessings we have here and imagine that they pale in comparison to heaven's blessings awaiting us...
i dont a way it makes sense to me that true satisfaction in anything wont come until we go to heaven"?

A.I think the way to think about is that there are two categories of desire. First the desires that God created us with and intends to fulfill through natural means. An example of that would be hunger, and the means would be the provision of food. Other desires like this may be, the desire for companionship, the desire for meaningful work, sexual desire, or the desire for meaningful thought and understanding. The second category is eternal desire for God himself that He has placed in our hearts for the sake of eternity. All of the above desires find a certain fulfillment in the regular course of life, but also leave us aware of a particular desire that remains unfulfilled, at least in its fullest extent. The eternal desire is so much deeper and more important to our sense of well-being that the lack of its fulfillment would render everything else meaningless.

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