Friday, November 21, 2008

Livin' it Up

It has been so....different to just exist in Pennsylvania and wait for our VISAs. There have been some days that I feel ready to GET OUT and get settled in Reykjavik, but most mornings I am just grateful for this season of our lives. Here is what this season has included:

*Reading books I've always wanted to read (Nouwen, Ortberg, Dobson just to name a few)
*Learning to play the guitar
*Going through an amazing curriculum with the girls (Five In a Row by Jane Claire Lambert; check it out...good stuff)
*Running more than normal
*Catching up with old friends
*Creating a prayer support network (email us if you want to get updates!)
*Studying Icelandic in a low-stress environment
*Spending a quantity of quality time with Colby's family
*Traveling to different churches and sharing about The Iceland Project
*Being a tourist in Lancaster and surrounding counties
*Endless rounds of "Name that Tune"
*Family devotions (The Jesus Storybook Bible....great resource!) complete with worship and interpretive dance by the kids.
Colby has been enjoying the retired life at age 29. He keeps ordering books from Amazon (he is now a platinum member and gets free shipping) and devouring them. In addition to learning the art of a good afternoon power nap, he has also been enjoying extra time in his life to run and cook (can't beat that).
The girls have caught on to this new schedule. Last Thursday, the girl's cousins Bailey and Sophie were over for lunch. Darcy leaned over the table to Sophie and inquired, "Hey Fosie...Wherew you-ah Dada?" I smiled and told Darcy that most Daddies have to work during the day. Haley and Darcy looked at each other and exclaimed, "Not our Daddy!"
"Yeah...Not anymore" Haley added.
So, yes...we are all really enjoying this gift of time without responsibilities, but are really anticipating the next stage as well.


Jennifer said...

Glad you guys are having this time to relax and enjoy everyone. Our family is also reading thru the Jesus Storybook Bible. Jonathan reads it each night and is very animated--the kids LOVE it!! I'll have to check out the Five in a Row you mentioned.

Jennifer said...

I thought I recognized the Five in a Row. Check out this site At the top is a FIAR tab with resources. I love this sire--I have even used it at school. said...

After you finish the Jesus Storybook Bible, give the Big Picture Story Bible a try. I like it even better. David Helm is the author.