Monday, November 24, 2008

Residence Permit Update

Well today we found out where our application for our residence permit is. It has made it to the desk of the Immigration Lawyer. Now in the Garman family we like a good lawyer, and often take them to be our dearest friends, so we have much confidence that the invitation to Iceland is within our grasp. But let us not be too hasty, for it seems as though our friendly immigration lawyer is on a journey abroad until December 1st. This light and momentary affliction doth not deter our hope that we may soon depart, nor covereth our thanksgiving with doubtful gloom, but only giveth us a more exceeding reason to rejoice with the great Apostle that, "το γαρ παραυτικα ελαφρον της θλιψεως καθ υπερβολην εις υπερβολην αιωνιον βαρος δοξης κατεργαζεται ημιν".


The Long Family said...

Any update is good! We'll continue to pray!

Josh and Jadey said...

You are in our prayers!!

beckers said...

um..that was great....i felt like i was reading a clip from some old 16th century writing....k prayin for you.

Dagný said...

Oh yay! Update!
That's amazing... I will continue to pray that they will happily accept you to be residents of this lovely little island...

and a geek comment.
I LOVE google. It seriously can tell me anything!
I could even take that piece of greek and google it and find that it is in fact 2 cor 4:17 ... google is great :)

But're closer! :) hehe

Annie Garman said...

Well done Dagny!