Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Garmans Have Arriveed

This is Clint Clifton writing for the Garmans: I got a call from Colby on Saturday about 3:45pm. They have arrived safely and are in the apartment. All is well. The travel was mostly smooth and they are settling in. Colby said that they would not have Internet for a few more days so updates may not be frequent during the first week. Colby said they could see Hallgrímskirkja out of the window and it was a beautiful sight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Annie, Colby, Hayley, and Darcy - I am so happy that you (Garman's) have arrived safely. I prayed for you as you were on your journey. I am glad you are settling into your apartment. I know great things will happen while you are in Iceland. I will continue to pray for you. Please know that I have passed on your stack of prayer cards to many people and many will be praying for you. I will remind my dad to remember to announce (in church) that you arrived safely. I know many people miss you already, but we know you are following God's will and things will work out splendidly. Keep in touch. HUGS!

Carolyn "Carrie" (Sella) Johnson

Josh and Jadey said...

Josh and I are so glad you have arrived safely. You are in our prayers. I look forward to hearing the updates of what God is doing.

cosas del mar said...

SO glad you guys made it!!