Saturday, February 14, 2009

Man cannot live by Skyr alone...

...but that is what we have been doing.
Skyr with pretzels,
Skyr with Ritz crackers,
Skyr with toast,
Skyr with cereal,
Skyr with peanuts,
Skyr with waffles,
Skyr with fruit,
Skyr with tacos (we didn't have any sour cream)...
Skyr with skyr.
Skyr has been a staple of the Garman family the past week and we can't understand Stephen Colbert's lack of enthusiasm for it on a recent short segment about Iceland on the Colbert Report.


beckers said...

it looks like yogart.... im trying to picture tacos with yogart and not thinkin its too good....

Davíð Örn said...

You guys should try to get a deal with the Skyr manufacturer, experimenting with skyr and different side-dishes ;) ha ha ha

Fjóla says "Hi to everybody especially to Haley and Darcy"

Anonymous said...

Annie - What is Skyr??