Saturday, February 14, 2009

The WordClass Iceland Running Group

I figured I would join a running group here in Iceland as a way to meet new people and stay active. This morning at 9:30 am I headed to the gym (World Class) where the meet up for the run is and made it just in time to join 25-30 other runners for a nice morning jog. As I walked up, a man said several sentences in Icelandic and everyone started running. I didn't know really anything about the plan for the run except that it said it was a paced distance run. So as we took off I was wondering, what pace and what distance this might be. I figured if things did not go well I could always turn around and come back before the others.
So after running a few minutes I thought I had better ask someone the plan. I struck up a conversation with a nice man named Hermann and we enjoyed 20 minutes of running talk as we were headed down the path by the sea. Hermann explained to me that some were running 14K and others were running 20K. He also told me about various running spots and races I might enjoy while here. Since I was bound by time I asked him to let me know when we had run 30 minutes from the start so that I could turn around and make it back to the house when I had planned. In all I had about an hour run, an enjoyable conversation, and felt like I discovered an easy way to get to know some more people here in Iceland (which is not always easy when you do not yet speak Icelandic.)
For those who might be interested the Glitnir Reykjavik Marathon/Half-Marathon/10K is on August 22, 2009 (that was for you Brooke, others too, but mostly Brooke).

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Catie said...

this is awesome! you just gave me another outlet!!! i joined a gym here! And I am running a half marathon in 2 weeks!
Maybe i will join you in august!!!
Catie - the redhead from the farm