Monday, February 9, 2009

Live From Reykjavik!

Well, we are here in Reykjavik. All the logistics when as well as possible and we are excited to be here and settling in for our stay. Since it is sort of late to be bloggin' I will take a page out of Jason Pelt's book and give you a high and low this evening.

High: The flat we are staying in is very nice. It is located downtown. It is near the main bus station. It has a nice open living area and we feel very comfortable in it. With the help of some friends here our arrival has gone incredibly smooth and we have been able to acquire needed things quickly (like a good internet connection).

Low: Last night we locked ourselves out of the flat at about 10:30 PM. A little help from the neighbors downstairs and the daughter of the woman who owns the building and we were back in before too long. It could have been a bad situation, but we felt like God was gracious to us. Silver Lining: We now have two keys instead of just one.

Maybe some pictures tomorrow.


beckers said...

YEY!!!!! thats so awesome!! my old testiment class was praying for you all on friday!

love you and cant wait to hear more! when you get a chance, for purposes of letters and such, an address would be awesome!

This is so exciting! Praying for you! love you

The Long Family said...

Can you send us your address?

Kerri said...

We are excited for you guys . . . and praising God that you got there in spite of all the visa trouble. much love from the Hamiltons in Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

I am so glad you are home and settled...I am glad things are going smoothly...I will keep praying for your VISA's...I can't believe you got locked out!! WOW!! Good to have double keys now. I will be praying for your babysitting situation so you can take your language classes.

And I was wondering like your other friend here - Can you post your address?? Or message it to the people who want it??


Annie Garman said...

our address here is:

Thverholt 7
Rejkjavik, Iceland