Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to Europe...

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Icelandic culture, nudity is the norm here. In the locker rooms at the gym and the pool, there is no hiding anything from anyone. It has been interesting to take the kids swimming here. Last time we were here (in 2007), they were too young to remember anything, so this is all new for them. Last night we entered the locker room all bundled up in our winter gear and Haley stopped dead in her tracks, made a loud gasp, and --with jaw and eyes gaping wide—pointed at a rather large, naked woman in the locker room. I put my hand over her mouth before anything could come out and pulled her aside to our locker. As we were getting ready, there were the expected comments from Darcy’s abnormally loud voice, “HALEY!! I see your Naked BUTT!” and the sideways glances from everyone else. Icelanders are, by nature, incredibly quiet people…and Garman girls are, by nature….not. I feel like a circus show everywhere we go. For instance, when we finally got in the quiet pool, Darcy pointed at a boy wearing a Speedo and blurted out, “Daddy! Dat boy is wearing panties…Dat is SO silly!” Oh Lord, please help that poor boy to not speak English.


Josh and Jadey said...

I have to say that Haley and Darcy get this honestly! If I remember correctly about a year ago we were sitting in an Icelandic "pool" enjoying the nice warm water. When Robert Steed emerged from the Locker room in a speedo and Annie's response was, "Robert is wearing a SPEEDO". I love you guys and to vividly remember the awkwardness of the locker room experience!!

Pelt Family said...

I also remember blogging about very LOUD Americans in Iceland. At the peaceful "Blue Lagoon" it was so very quite until a group of Americans came in and started screaming to each other about how cold it was. Of course it was late November in Iceland, yes we know, it is cold.

Anonymous said...

Josh and I are laughing so hard at this posting...HA HA!!

I am sorry Annie!! You can't help what kids will say. I grew up (as you know) in a LOUD LOUD house...So, the circus thing is very familiar!!

That is so cute about Darcy and the panties!!

I didn't know the Icelandic people for the most part were so quiet! Oh wow!!

This is too cute of a story!!

I would have the same reaction - Wide open mouth and Wide open eyes...Trying to cover my eyes!! WOW!!!

Thanks for sharing this!! HE HE!!


Anonymous said...

You don't necessarily have to be in an European country to experience this. It has happened to us numerous time at Sport and Health after swim lessons. But my boys ignore the panties and say things like, "Look, Evan! Boobies!"

Annie Garman said...

After this happened, a Bible verse popped in my head: "the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the 2nd and 3rd generations..."
I guess this is my punishment for what I did to Steed.

David Fauth said...

note to self: leave speedo at home

The Marks Family said...

a story comes to mind from the early days of praying and visiting Iceland. Something about Pastor Bill and Pastor Clint, blue lagoon, speedos...I didn't want to know anymore. Some images in your head should not be there. Good news is that I won't have to worry about that in Iraq! :-)