Saturday, August 29, 2009

Living on Poo-Poo

When our Finnish friend first told us, I didn't believe him.  

"We live where?"  

"Poo-poo-hoo-dante," he said again.

The girls went nuts.  

(Darcy, of course) "So, who lives on Pee-pee?"  (roaring laughter from her and Haley).

I guess there are worse things to have as your street name.  Honestly, I could care less what this thing is named...I can walk out our door and take my next step into the woods.  And then my next step is on a trail that wraps around a beautiful lake.  The leaves are changing colors already, but the air is still warmer than Iceland.  We are taking advantage of this weather and location by training for a half-marathon that is in September (although I will probably opt for the 12K). Come take a look at our new apartment.  


Deanna said...

So why are y'all in Finland? For how long?

burnshead said...
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burnshead said...

This is for Darcy...