Sunday, August 23, 2009

So…we are in Finland.

We don’t know how long we’ll be here…we don’t know much except that we are together and in God’s hands.  If you are not on our prayer team and would like to get monthly updates or weekly updates, just let us know. 

We flew into Helsinki and then drove 3 ½ hours north to a college town called Jyvaskyla.  This place is strikingly similar to where I grew up:  marshes, lakes, and HUNDREDS of trails for walking and biking.  We spent 6 hours running and walking around in the warm weather (warmer than any day we’ve had in Iceland) exploring the trails and the city.   I love seeing so many people outside exercising here.  We’ve noticed lots of people into Nordic walking here (walking with ski poles).   

The girls have done well adjusting.  For the first time in a year, the girls have separate rooms to sleep in.  Bedtime has been 75% less stressful and that is so helpful.  Of course, Darcy is going through her typical culture shock.  In the middle of the night she woke up screaming, “My leg is BWOKEN!”  and when she wakes up she is convinced she has a fever and ice cream is the only thing that can cure it.  I’m just waiting until starts telling me she has to throw up again. 

Of course, there is the drama of not having a car and always  trying to catch a bus.  Today the bus drove right past me even though I was standing right at the bus stop (apparently you have to flag them down).  A half-hour later when it returned, the girls frantically started running toward it, Haley knocked Darcy over, and we made a scene getting on the quiet bus …(Darcy, in between sobs) “NOW… I… AM …LAME!!”  (Thank you Jesus Storybook Bible for expanding my child’s vocabulary).  “Mommy…(trying to catch her breathe)….You have to get me sticks so I can walk.”  Nordic walking, anyone?



Pelt Family said...

Jyvasyla - what a great name for a city. You guys have the greatest adventures.

beckers said...

so why do they use the ski poles to walk? does nto make sense...
but love yall! enjoy you adventure in Finland! cant wait to see pics!