Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Out of the Mouths of Babes"-- a continuing series

This is the first one from my book:

July 2006
Haley: 20 months old

We went to Lake Lunga to watch fireworks with the Fauths this Fourth of July.  It was Haley's first (fully cognitive) Fourth of July and it was like nothing she had ever experienced before.  The loud booms, the festive cackling of the fireworks.  She was wide-eyed, just taking it in the whole night.  

The next day, she must have still been processing the events of the evening.  After letting out a disturbingly loud amount of  flatulence, her eyes got big, and with the excitement of one who had just solved a mystery, she exclaimed, "FIREWORKS!!" 


October 2006
Haley: 23 months

Oh cute!  It is 9:57 pm and the girls were tucked in an hour ago.  My phone (with its new, fancy ringtone) just rang, and the next thing we see is Haley Jane bolting down the stairs in great distress....
"Where the Ice-Cream truck go?" 

December 2006
Haley Jane: 2

Yesterday we read the Christmas story and set up our nativity with Haley.  She listened intently to the part about the angel that had come to Mary and Joseph saying, "DO NOT BE AFRAID!"

Today, after breakfast, Colby watched as Haley marched right up to the porcelain angel, stared at it right in the eyes, and with hands on her hips and pampered butt sticking out, she confidently remarked, "I NOT SCARED." 

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