Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scarred For Life?

A few weeks ago, not long after the miscarriage, we were having a family picnic and enjoying a day of relaxation. As we were sitting around a picnic table Haley spotted this apple and said, "Mommy, the Apple reminds me of you..." I thought I knew what she was referring to, but I wasn't convinced that my four year old had the capacity for such abstract thinking. I looked at Haley, "Well, what do you mean?" She gave her classic smile of embarrasment and replied, "Oh, nothing." Intrigued, Annie and I gently pressed her to share what she was thinking about and she eventually obliged our request. Pensively she stated, "The Apple represents Mom and the scar know...the miscarriage." Annie and I shared a look of amazement and shook our heads in disbelief at Haley's capacity to see a picture of life in an otherwise ordinary object.
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The Long Famil said...

wow. really amazing.

Josh and Jadey said...

I am not surprised. She is parented by Colby and Annie!!! How precious..

Anonymous said...

Annie - I am sorry I wasn't a person that you could get ahold of to tell about the miscarriage you had. I am VERY VERY sorry that happened to you and your family. Especially to you. My mom had one before she had me. And it really devestated her. But I think about that baby all the time. And know he or she is in heaven and I can't wait for the one day I am going to be hugged in my siblings arms. Also, that is amazing that Haley thinks about things the way she does. She has a good heart and is so smart.