Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Week in Status Updates

Annie is:  amazed that all we really need to survive anymore can be packed into 4 suitcases.

Annie is:  watching a Finnish TV station with Colby who is trying to imitate the new sounds (His response when he saw me watching him:  "Oh sorry...I was just thinking about Diphthongs.")  

Annie is:  APPALLED to hear that you have to PAY to use public bathrooms here.

Annie is:  attempting to blow-dry and curl her hair in the kitchen using the reflection in the microwave as a mirror because the only outlet in the bathroom is being used by the washing machine.

Annie is:  trying to remember what it was like to have a DRYER.  

Annie is:  consoling Darcy who has slipped on the wet bathroom floor on her way to the toilet because the Finnish people have not yet discovered the wonders of a shower door.  

Annie is:  using an old cottage cheese container for a cereal bowl this morning because the "furnished apartment" does not furnish an adequate amount of dishes.  

Annie is: successful in finding the silverware drawer only after opening 11 other drawers first.

Annie is:  (don't misunderstand), very thankful for this new apartment, but has honestly never felt more uncomfortable furniture in her entire life.  

Annie is: explaining to Haley that we are not in China even though our apartment looks like it.

Annie is: running next to Colby who has taken his shirt off it is so warm...and passing people with winter coats, hats, and snow pants.  Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?  

Annie is:  missing Wal-Mart and the dollar racks.  

Annie is:  thankful that Haley and Darcy have such wild imaginations and are able to have fun here without many toys.  

Annie is: learning the joy of simplicity and the freedom of living moment by moment.


beckers said...

thats awesome! i would see your status's sometimes and laugh because of them, to see them all out like this is really great, kinda able to see your minds transformation as the week progressed. praying for you annie, hang in there! Finland opens a door to awesome new challenges and adventures, praying you are able to embrace them with joy and certainty that the Lord is with you!
love you all!

Pelt Family said...

one day you are going to miss this