Monday, April 21, 2008

Real Live Gospel Heroes

Last week Annie and I were sitting at Breakfast with some of our new friends when a family sat down to join us. There we were at the cafeteria of the conference center getting to know a couple with an extraordinary story we were yet to here. Since breakfast at the conference center was served in a cafeteria; I was thinking I would get in quick, enjoy my new found excitement for Vanilla Soy Milk, eat some fruit and get to our first meeting for the day.

So, here is he story that interrupted our serene morning. The couple and their two small children were living overseas during a term of service attending to their work and serving the Lord. During a routine visit to the airport to pick-up an incoming guest they had a lifechanging experience. The plane had landed, a colleague that had accompanied them was seated at the waiting and receiving area, so the family was getting ready go retrieve the vehicle for a drive-by pickup. Just before they made their move to the vehicle and unbeknownst to everyone a bomb was placed on the seat behind them. The family began to walk away just moments before the device wreaked its havoc. Their friend and colleague was killed by the explosion and both of their children received shrapnel injuries. You can only imagine what they were feeling as they returned to the states and had to face decisions about returning for another assignment.

As time for a decision drew near they felt compelled to return and did so. They spoke passionately about how they sensed the blessing of God on the time they were there and got to be a part of a team that influenced 100 new church starts. It was an amazing story and when I left breakfast I felt like I had met some real live Gospel Heroes.


Anonymous said...

Hello?! Are you trying to make the tears flow from my eyes? Just kidding. I was waiting to see this story posted. We hope all is well. I've been working on making my "personal blog" into mine and Heather's "family blog," so please bear with us during this transition. In the meantime you can totally go check it out thus far at
Is August here yet?

Jason P.

Annie Garman said...

Heather and Jason...we miss you guys!!!!We're praying for your house to sell so we can hang out in August.