Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks a lot, Cindy!

A few weeks ago, Cindy Jessup was in the nursery and showed Darcy that her hair tie could also double as a bracelet. Darcy loved the concept and now enjoys taking her hair out so that she can accessorize with a new bracelet. This results in the fro (pictured here) and a really stressful meal time (especially when she pretends to be Aerial and combs her hair with a fork). I wonder if Darcy will always be a wild woman...


Kevin said...


Cierra and I loved the pictures of Darcy. Pictures like these are my favorite. I'm always snapping shots when the girls aren't expecting - they don't like it, but they enjoy getting me back too.


p.s. You and Colby have inspired me to start my own blog as well. However, as a software developer, I'm tempted to spend hours on here honing the look and feel exactly to my liking. I HAVE TO STOP!

Cindynlow said...

Oh no!! To clarify Ponytail Holder to Bracelet should leave one holder in the hair and wear only one 'bracelet.' Would you trust me with Darcy for a 102? (or a 201??)