Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some Days are Better than Others

During the early part of 2008 we have had busy weekends with the church doing UPWARD Basketball, Music Practices, and Youth Ministries activities. I love doing all of that, but I must say that today was one of those Saturdays that recharges my battery. It was a day to "nurture my vitality". After coffee in the morning with DSF, Annie and I brokered a deal to plan a family bike ride, a kayak drop-off on the Rappahannock, and a Subway Five-Dollar Footlong. As we headed for The Burg our trusty little Hyundai Santa Fe was loaded down with two bikes, a kayak and a bit of excited anticipation. We took off from Old Mill Park on the bikes for a five mile circle wrapping around the canal trail and cruising through Old Town. There's just something about four people on two bikes that makes you feel like you are really stylin'. We returned to Old Mill park locked the bikes down and headed out on the second leg of the journey. Annie and the girls dropped me off with all of my kayak gear at the Mott's Run Launch for an hour of solitude on the Rappahannock. The water was nice and moving along at great pace for a warm April day. As I made my way under the I-95 bridge and down through the best part of the rapids I was reminded for a moment just how ominous rushing water and large boulders can look when you are eye level with it all and only carrying a paddle. I made it in to Old Mill in an hour and 5 minutes, had a great workout, and felt like I hadn't remembered the rapids to be as strong as they were today. At Old Mill park Annie hopped in the kayak as I headed to the car with the girls. We loaded up the bikes from earlier and grabbed a five-dollar footlong from Subway (Thanks Jared!) as we headed to the city dock to pick up Annie. After some afternoon naps at the hacienda we headed to Wilderness, VA for an evening with friends to celebrate the 1 year arrival of Chloe to the Davis Clan. Oh yeah, and Jason and I beat Jonathan and Ammin in Bocce.


Dan said...


I remember floating down Pine Creek on inner tubes with you and Thomas in 8th grade. This looks slightly more intense than that.

Jonathan D. said...

Just had to throw that last part in their about the bocce game, huh?

I say we do a little rematch....when's the next b-day party again?

Colby Garman said...

Darcy's b-day is next: May 26 (memorial day)