Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome Back to VA, Blake family!

Last night we had the Blake family over for dinner. The Blakes sold us our house back in July of 2002. They were attending Stafford Baptist at the time and wanted a Christian to have the house so they could "carry on the ministry in the neighborhood." They were serious about that, too, because they sold it to us for $30,000 less than what it was going for at the time. We would have never been able to buy a house if it weren't for their generosity (and a small loan from Pappy Garman), and we have always been very grateful for the Blakes. They moved back to Stafford this year and now have two little girls in tow. We have kept a lot of things that the Blakes left behind (our kitchen table, bathroom decor, candles, curtains, bird feeders, Haley's dresser...)so they got a kick out of seeing all of their old stuff still being used (they didn't realize that I would be too cheap to buy all new stuff). Lisa even asked if I had found a decorative saw that she had left on top of the cabinets...I went downstairs and retrieved it from the closet! I had kept it all these hoping that I would see them again. All in all, it was a great evening (sorry, I forgot to take a picture).

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