Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tu Tierra Tasty

Before we get started with the review, I wanted you to know I have come up with a portion of the rating system. Within categories to be determined later, a restaurant can earn up to 5 Sporks for Quality. The spork is the finest cuisine assistance device known to man.

The fine Juris Doctor Pelt popped by on Monday for a pop-out lunch, providing a perfect opportunity for a new review. Tu Tierra came highly recommended from the Fauth Clan and provided a tasty experience. The experience began on the drive over as Jason and I attempted to determine whether Tu Tierra in Stafford is the Restaurant formerly known as Southern Fish and Chips or if there is a new two-headed monster of southern flavor and Salvadoran zest. The mystery continued even after we entered. But first, a word about service...

-If you ever own a restaurant...when the hostess tells the guests they can be seated wherever they like, and they have arranged themselves at a table, do not move to another table and say, "You can sit here!" just as they are about to be seated. That'll earn you a 1 Spork service rating.

As we looked at the menu we quickly realized that one whole page was devoted to fish and chips while the rest of the menu was Salvadoran. The waitress could not answer any of our questions about the status of the Southern/Tu Tierra relationship, so we did what any good patron would do and called for the manager/owner. He gave us the scoop that he had taken over the business and kept the fish fry around for Friday Nights; mystery solved. Before he could get away Jason placed his order by saying, "Bring me what you would want to eat if you were having lunch right now and...don't tell me what it is until you bring it out." I thought, "What an adrenaline rush!" and did the same.

Jason had pupusa and tamale and I was served a nice midday steak. I certainly had the thought that he brought whatever was most expensive, but the flavorful sauce on the steak silenced any of my concerns, even my fright at how incredibly thin the piece of meat was. Closing Thoughts...

- I loved the side of Fried Plantain, reminded me of Venezuela.
- The Salsa is the best tasting in Stafford, even if it is a little runny
- If you want a really good steak and even better service, let's go Outback tonight!
-If you want a great experience no matter where you go, take Jason Pelt along.

Overall: 2 1/2 Sporks


Katrín said...

Hi! It's been forever! I'm sorry I've been so terrible at keeping in touch. I just remembered that you guys have a blog, so here I am saying "Hi" after all this time :) I hope you guys are doing great! Your girls are getting so big and they are cute as always!


Katrín said...

So... does that mean you guys will be back in Iceland sometime soon? That would be awesome ;) I'm pretty much "stuck" here for the whole summer, because the position I have at the hospital is for the whole summer with no time off, so no time for traveling as I was planning on doing. Can't get everything I want I guess ;oP

Anyways, I hope to see you soon as well!